Who wants to play the OG:CR Rarity Roulette?

Remember that wallets holding at least one of the following NFTs (Meebit, BAYC, CryptoPunk, Art Blocks Curated, OmniMorph, Ksoids, and 89 Seconds Atomized) have a chance at triggering a unique growth property specific to the NFT itself? We will be randomly selecting 3 winners who will be given the chance to transact one of their OGCrystals through a wallet that triggers special traits in crystals!

How can you participate?

In order to be eligible to win, you must complete the following steps below. From all the valid entries, the OG:CR team will be choosing three winners randomly.

1.) Correctly answer all 6 questions in the OG:CR quiz (form link below where you need to add your answers)

2.) Like & Retweet the original announcement

3.) Fill out this form and add the link to your RT

The Rarity Roulette will run from Friday 29 October, 2:00 pm UTC /10: 00 am EST — Monday, 1 November , 2:00 pm UTC /10: 00 am EST. All entries must be submitted by the deadline.

Please note, double entries, as well as duplicate profiles and emails, will be disqualified. Good luck. 🍀

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants must not change their Twitter username within 3 weeks after the end of the contest, or until distribution. We would need this to recognize you as a follower to Form Confirm eligibility.
  2. One entry per participant only. Any participants with multiple entries will be disqualified.
  3. Bots and fake users are not eligible.
  4. The process of growth is the following: the winners make a private sale offer for the OG:Crystal they want to upgrade to the OG:CR wallet. The team will buy it with the wallet. The winners must transfer back ETH he/she received for selling. Finally, the OG:CR team will be transferring back the upgraded Crystal to the owner.
  5. The Rarity Roulette runs from Friday 29 October, 2:00 pm UTC /10: 00 am EST — Monday, 1 November, 2:00 pm UTC /10: 00 am EST. All submissions before and after will not enter the pool of potential winners.
  6. The winners will be chosen within 1 day from the end of the promotion. The winners will be contacted by the official OG:CR Twitter account and will be given 72 hours to reply. The OG:Crystals team will inform the winners about the whole process of transaction. In the event a winner does not reply within the 72-hour window, a new random winner will be selected.
  7. The Rarity Roulette is hosted by OG:Crystals. The team reserves the right to cancel the promotion or amend its terms or conditions unilaterally without prior notification.



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