The OG:CR Growing Guide–How To Develop Your Crystal

Private sales and trading groups:

Secondary market:

Things to consider:



What properties of the OG:Crystal are defined by the wallet data?

How do bundles work with OG:CR on OpenSea?

What does “Active” and “Done” mean on OpenSea?

When will crystals stop growing?

What happens if I buy my crystal back?

How does seed color affect evolution?

Will something bad happen if I transfer my crystal to another wallet or to and from a hard wallet?

Why isn’t my GEN updating on OpenSea?

Why isn’t my crystal growing?

Why 5 days until initial reveal?

What if I keep transacting back and forth from the same two wallets?

What is the so called “dead” or “reef decay” effect all about? How does it occur?

How many possible combinations are there?

What will decide the “rarity” of the original crystal? Could rarity change from sale to sale depending on what aspects will be added?

Does whoever designed the algorithm have a scope for what structural combinations will impact rarity?

If no one buys the OG:Crystal from me, my crystal will not grow to full, it won’t have a chance of being rare?

Is it true that transferring between 2 wallets 7 times has a reduced chance of a rarity in transformation vs transferring to 6 different wallets?

How can I get a mono colored crystal? Is that kind of rarity reserved for maxed out wallets?

The mechanics mention characteristics such as wallet balance, past transactions etc. Is the intention to stop people “gaming” the system and sending crystals to newly minted wallets?

Why was it decided to end growth at 7 iterations? Why stop the fun there?

Is the art rendered dynamically?

Will we see the same crystal pieces on different crystals or will they truly be generated per basis using the data on every individual crystal?

Will the earlier stages of the OG:Crystal available somewhere on IPFS after it has grown?

Will it be possible to see previous generations of a crystal easily?

Will the renders just be flat images or gifs or 3d assets like gltf?

Are you guys using actual crystals as inspiration?

Why 10,301 seeds? What is the significance of this number?



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