“Many of the profile-picture projects will not survive, but generative fine art will stand the test of time.”

3 min readJun 23, 2022

An interview with the OG:CR DAO board member Jonathan about dealing quartz crystals, his ‘blessed’ wallet, the impact of crypto on wealth redistribution to the poor, and the bright future of generative art.

☻ Who are you?

— Hey there! My name is Jonathan. I’m a picture editor for film and TV I’m 42 and from Canada. I live in Toronto currently, but I am planning a move to LA next year. My hobbies are art/graphic design, guitar, basketball, crypto, and NFTs. However, filmmaking is my greatest passion.

I’m a proud father of a three-year-old daughter. I’m also 18 years vegan and believe strongly in environmental sustainability, and alternative energy. Animal rights issues are near and dear to my heart.

☻ How do you see the future of the crypto world and NFT art?

— Crypto is undoubtedly the future of finance and commerce. I firmly believe in its potential to change the world. The extent to which the current establishment will attempt to curtail its progress remains to be seen, but the potential to redistribute wealth, especially in places around the world that have historically been mired in poverty is urgently needed. So I’m beyond hopeful.

NFTs of course will play a vital role in this transformation. I see the metaverses evolving further and further towards projects that offer substantial, real-world utility, as the space matures, becomes less of a gold rush, and more VC capital is injected into the space. Will it feel less decentralized in ways? Yes. There are going to be bumps along the road, but the future is bright.

It won’t be long before NFT and blockchain technology has embedded themselves so deeply into the fabric of our lives that we no longer think of them in the terms we do today. Many of the PFP projects will not survive, but generative fine art will stand the test of time. It is in every way an evolution, a new form of expression, that signals an exciting new chapter in contemporary art.

☻ What made you come to the crypto world and invest in NFT-art?

— I began investing in crypto in early 2021. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano, initially. In March 2021 I discovered NBA TopShot and that was my gateway into NFTs.

I have an extensive collection of NFTs, although I don’t have as many 1/1s or generative art (e.g., Artblocks) as I would like. I’m working on a long-term strategy to shuffle my portfolio in the coming months.

I have 6 OG:Crystals, and I love them. My wallet was ‘blessed’ with a nearly perfect record of minting quartz crystals. So I became the go-to quartz dealer among friends during the growth period and was able to grow a gen VII all quartz crystal which is my absolute favorite in my collection. I was also the very first person to pass a crystal through the OG:CR “super wallet” and have a gorgeous Meebits feature on another crystal of mine.

Quartz crystal from Jonathan’s collection

I firmly believe that this project is historically significant in its execution — bringing the sensibilities of the traditional art world together with the potential of what web3 can create.

☻ What would you like to wish the community?

— Success. Good fortune. The joy and satisfaction that comes with inviting art into your lives. I’d like to think that OG:CR might occasionally light a spark in someone for the very first time, maybe beginning a life-long devotion to the arts, or inspire them to create something of their own that the world has never seen before. Wouldn’t that be something?

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