The Oracle of Mr. Fox
A crypto-literary project by Snark.art

Where does language come from? Is it biological, viral, algorithmic?
How do words do what they do? And where are they?

On April 19, 2019 Snark.art received correspondence from an anonymous author claiming to have gained access to a radical new model of artificial intelligence: the groundbreaking GPT-2. The mysterious author — who identifies [itself] only as Mr. Fox — urgently requested that the poetic results of [his] work with artificial intelligence be archived as a permanent public record. …

Volkmar, what would be a short description of ‘Sometimes a Thousand Twangling Instruments’?

‘Sometimes a Thousand Twangling Instruments’ is an interactive, open-ended audiovisual work, which I developed in co-operation with snark.art, a New York and blockchain based art production platform. It is a work that is rather hard to describe, but pretty straight forward to experience. So I suggest you to get a first-hand impression of it under: https://snark.art/1000-twangling-instruments

On the snark.art site you will also find a lot of useful information on the underlying technology and blockchain concepts.

Sometimes a Thousand Twangling Instruments — Sample Composition

But back to…

Siebren Versteeg’s Today’s Paper (with flies), 2019

“Basically a Living Organism”: Why Art Basel Miami Collectors Are Scared of Digital Art

If you’re looking for digital art at massive fairs like Art Basel Miami, you’ll likely run into the same, usual suspects year after year, show after show. The eerie, LED glow of a Jim Campbell will emanate booths away from a disorienting, moving spectacle by Doug Aitken, screens filled with colored geometry by Yorgo Alexopoulos just steps through the throngs of people who’ve arrived at the scene specifically to treat art as commerce.

Artists like Eve Sussman, whose video works include 89 Seconds at Alcázar (2004)…

Duke Riley at the opening reception of In the Darkest Hour I Am By Your Side. Photo by Alix Piorun.

Duke Riley, known for riding around in a wooden submarine and coordinating a light show with 2,000 LED-equipped pigeons, sits in his Brooklyn Navy Yard studio wearing a bright orange raincoat and beanie. The studio is full of nautical trash-turned-treasures. Plastic tampons and toothbrushes made to look like fishing tackles sit on a table not far from a stack of suitcases, respectively labeled Chicago, Hawaii, New York, and Doral.

These suitcases are part of Riley’s latest work, In the Darkest Hour I Am By Your Side, produced by a corporation called Non-Essential Consultants, Inc. to which Riley licensed his name…

“Potential for Brilliance and Terror”: Artist Volkmar Klien Discusses His Audiovisual Blockchain Composition Project

Audiovisual artist Volkmar Klien Skypes in from Vienna in a room surrounded by large machines, wearing a yellow construction vest. He’s organizing a concert set for a month from now, sponsored by Rubble Master, “world market leaders in mobile stone crushing,” he tells me before getting into Sometimes a Thousand Twangling Instruments, his collaboration with Snark.art.

The project consists of 2,000 “Sound Drawings,” images that go with unique sounds Volkmar has been collecting for years, in part for a project called The Audiovisual Archive. …

A lot has changed at Snark.art in our year-and-a-half on the blockchain beat. We sat down with cofounders Andrey Alekhin and Misha Libman to get an update on upcoming projects, new community features, and developments in the digital art and crypto space.

What can we expect to see from Snark.art in the near term?

Andrey In just a couple weeks, if not sooner, we’re going to introduce some completely new functionality that we’re hoping will really take our community engagement to the next level. We’re creating a portal for all of our current and future collaborative video projects that’s really…

Last month, Snark.art pulled off a bit of history — our screening of 89 seconds Atomized, at the NFT.nyc conference and on our website, was the first-ever decentralized screening of an artwork. That’s going to require a bit of explanation.

On the morning of February 20th, most owners of 89 seconds lent their atoms for a 24-hour period, i.e. the tokens were removed from their smart wallets and deposited in a wallet held by Snark.art. Those atoms were then re-assembled, each 20x20 pixel square placed in its corresponding space in the video’s grid. Those atoms were used to screen the…

Florence, 1503 — Paris, 1908 — Snark.art, 2018

Randomized view of 89 seconds Atomized

Eve Sussman’s 89 seconds Atomized, the inaugural project produced by Snark.art, is now available for presale.

200 atoms of 89 seconds Atomized are now available for presale. Collectors can purchase up to ten atoms at the preferred price of $100 each.

Reserve this first-of-its-kind, blockchain-based artwork before the sale opens to the general public on November 30 at the price of $120 each.

Learn more & join the presale today

Brooklyn, NY, November 7, 2018 — — Snark.art, a digital laboratory bridging art and blockchain, launches today with a preview of its first artistic collaboration with the artist Eve Sussman. The project by Sussman, ​89 seconds Atomized​, will be available for purchase on ​www.snark.art starting November 30, 2018. Founded by Andrey Alekhin and Misha Libman, Snark.art (pronounced ‘Snark dot art’) collaborates with international artists, curators, and artistic partners to explore the creative possibilities of the blockchain and its growing community.

“We started Snark.art to engage both the art and blockchain communities,” said co-founder and CEO Andrey Alekhin. “Artists are by…

We sat down with Eve Sussman to discuss her upcoming debut on Snark.art, 89 seconds Atomized, a re-invention of her acclaimed video artwork, 89 Seconds at Alcázar.

About 89 seconds Atomized:

89 Seconds at Alcázar is a continuous seamlessly looping video that imagines that space and the characters in Diego Velazquez’s painting Las Meninas. It was first shown at the 2004 Whitney Biennial. All editions of the piece are in museums (MoMA, Whitney) or private collections. …


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